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Accelerated Learning LanguageAbout The Method & Video

Accelerated Learning, sometimes called "Superlearning," is a revolutionary way of teaching adults to become conversationally competent in a new language in a short period of time. This method has proven to be three to five times faster than traditional approaches, with up to ten times the retention. Unlike most intensive courses, Accelerated Learning classes are lively, relaxing, and fun rather than being fast-paced and exhausting. The techniques used in this method include classical music, relaxation exercises, games, and playful role-taking, which tap into the unused 90% of the brain. It has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the most effective methods in the world for language learning, and was originally developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a European educator and psychologist. This method is currently being used in Europe, South America and Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The results obtained in a foreign language class when using Accelerated Learning have been extraordinary compared to other methods based on repetition, memorization, grammar exercises, and logical phrase and sentence building. Because the whole brain is being tapped, students are able to comprehend and speak a new language in a matter of weeks--not just parroting phrases, but thinking, dreaming, and reacting without having to first translate from English. Grammar is minimized, authentic communication is maximized.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of Accelerated Learning is the confidence achieved by students to use the new language when speaking, traveling, and interacting with native speakers. Research has proven that even after several years of not using the new language, retention is 80-95%. With a more traditional approach such as the type found in high schools, universities, and schools using the "direct approach," students forget most of what they learned in a short time. The reason for this is that they are tapping into only their short-term memory.

The success of Accelerated Learning comes not only from the techniques used but also the time frame in which the new language is introduced. The more intensive the class, the more quickly and easily the brain absorbs the new material.

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