“Arlene’s class was terrific! She is a master teacher and her energy and enthusiasm were contagious! This was a class I always looked forward to – wonderful experiential learning. We learned a great deal in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend it!”- Mary A., General Mills Human Resources

“Arlene’s Spanish class is excellent. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, and is always very prepared. She is able to make all levels of beginners feel comfortable, and makes learning fun.”- Miriam M.

“Do you want to get a jump start on ‘speaking’ Spanish (as compared to just ‘learning’ it)? Then this class is the class for you. Along with Arlene’s book, this class has given me a strong foundation in which to speak Spanish with my Hispanic wife.” - Cory P., Computer Programmer

“You do an awesome job making (learning Spanish) a fun learning experience.”- Scott S., teacher

“Thanks Arlene for your total commitment to our learning Spanish. It was obvious to me as we progressed through the 84 hours that your Accelerated Learning techniques and teaching expertise were not only very effective but also a lot of fun. I looked forward to your relaxation routines, the singing, dancing, acting, and playing games. As a result, it is now possible for me to feel fairly confident in situations where I have to communicate in Spanish.”- Ken Y., self-employed therapeutic bodyworker

“Just a note to tell you how much I have been enjoying the class! You are a very talented teacher and have so many creative ways to help us learn. I am truly impressed.”- Deanne L., attorney

“I learned conversational Spanish quite quickly in Arlene’s class. I studied French in school and found it difficult – a lot of work. I learned much more conversational Spanish and in a much more interesting and fun environment with Arlene!”- Beth C., Actor

“The class was wonderful. I learned many, many words and found I could understand a great deal. It added to my desire to keep learning and I find I can go back to the handouts and class materials to practice.”- Ken C., Media Specialist

“As a Global Manager for a Fortune 200 company, I decided it was time to learn another language. I enrolled in Arlene Jullie’s Spanish immersion class and soon found myself speaking and understanding quite a bit of Spanish. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in learning another language in an interesting, fun and non-threatening setting.”- Gary U., FedEx Corporation

“Learning, particularly another language, can be a pain, a drag, and something that may not stay with you. But learning a language with Arlene Jullie can be a joy, a super trip, and something that will stay with you, and make you want to learn more. Arlene packs more energy into a class than the traditional two-year-old packs into day – and she makes it fun. I’ve studied language in college and in Mexico, but nothing can come close to the exceptional method Arlene uses.”- Jean B., retired

“I studied French for many years and found Arlene Jullie’s introductory Spanish class much more effective. It was amazing how quickly we all were speaking and understanding Spanish! Her techniques and the fact that classes are fun make all the difference. It’s impossible to go home from her class in a bad mood. The intensity of the beginner class is good because it constantly reinforces what you know vs. letting you get intimidated by what you don’t know.”- Mariann H.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Arlene Jullie. The class style was exciting, unique, encouraging, and above all FUN! I am still amazed at how much material was covered, and how much I actually retained! Arlene’s commitment and enthusiasm, to the class and to each student, was incredible. Often in previous experiences, I have felt intimidated about language and working with an instructor. On the contrary, she was so excited and happy to be there – every activity and every class was one that I enjoyed and really looked forward to! The class did wonders for my confidence.”- Melissa A.

“Thank you so much for the past 3 months of learning. I loved your Italian class and I am so happy with what I know and how much I know and understand (which was confirmed on my trip to Italy). You are an awesome teacher. Thank you, thank you!”- Kim G., artist

“My husband and I are preparing for our move to Brazil. In preparation for this move, I had the opportunity to take Portuguese lessons from Arlene. I must say she is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone who is planning to move internationally and needs to become familiar with the language of that country. I was very excited to have the opportunity to work with her for 38 hours. (I was given her name by another Cargill couple who moved to Brazil. They were thrilled with her.) I cannot say enough about her method of teaching. “Demystifying”, or Accelerated Learning, as Arlene states, allows the students to immerse themselves into the language as a toddler learns his beginning language. Through songs, plays, games, and role play…you suddenly find yourself speaking a new language. I would highly encourage Cargill to work with Arlene in the future. She makes a very intimidating situation fun and natural.”- Stephanie S., Cargill spouse

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