Current Language Courses

Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese

Online Instruction

Online Instruction for individuals or small groups, provided via web cam. To be cost / time effective, it is recommended that the Accelerated Learning CD Program be purchased along with 6 - 10 hours of private Online Instruction.

It is suggested for beginners that there be a two-hour Online “Demystifying®” the language session before starting the Accelerated Learning CD Program. Then, after every two lessons, the student will have one hour of Online Instruction to go over the material learned in the two lessons studied.

Additional handout materials will be sent electronically during the session to enhance the learning experience. The student will have the opportunity to practice speaking in the target language during the Online sessions.

* The Accelerated Learning CD Program is not available for Brazilian Portuguese.

Online Instruction can also be used for individuals who have some knowledge of the language and want to practice speaking, or who need help with more advanced grammar.

To discuss Online Instruction, contact Arlene M. Jullie at (952) 934-3015 or email.
Private Classes for Individuals or Groups of 2-12 Students

The perfect class for people who have always wanted to speak Spanish, French, Italian, and/or Brazilian Portuguese.

If you have a ready-made group of 2-12 people, classes can be arranged. Depending on location, instruction can be done in a Weekend Intensive format or over multiple consecutive days. Online Instruction may also be a possibility.

To discuss Private Instruction, contact Arlene M. Jullie at (952) 934-3015 or email.
84-hour Accelerated Learning

These 84 hour courses are designed for your "ready made" group. We provide the instruction and course materials.

This will not be a boring listen-and-repeat class. It is pure fun! Singing, playing games, reading and acting out an entertaining play, and relaxation, are all elements of Accelerated Learning, the method used by instructor Arlene Jullie. Accelerated Learning permits you to learn large amounts of material in a short period of time. You will become as playful as a child, and all your inhibitions, all your fears of failing or sounding awkward disappear. And you learn amazingly quickly!

Arlene is a master teacher, fluent in five languages. She has taught over a thousand students in her 40 plus years of language teaching. She is the founder and owner of International Language Services, Inc. (, a language translation company in Minneapolis, and the author of the Demystifying® language book series.

Here are the details of this once-of-a-kind learning experience:
•84 hours of classes in a relaxed, fun environment
• Entire course to be completed in 12-16 weeks
• Promise of the course: conversational competence, 2000 word vocabulary
• Ability to function in travel or social settings
• Confidence when speaking a foreign language, even if you make mistakes!
• Schedule: to be determined by students and instructor
• Cost includes all materials.

For more information on the 84-hour Accelerated Learning Courses, contact Arlene M. Jullie at (952) 934-3015 or email.
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