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What Would It Be Like If Foreign Languages Were Not A Mystery?

For most people, learning a new language is a mystery: Face it! Foreign languages just aren't like English. They look unfamiliar, sound different, and have strange rules that don't make sense.

What would it be like if foreign languages were not a mystery? What if someone demystified, or explained all those sounds and rules to you in easy-to-understand, plain English BEFORE you actually started studying the language so you weren’t so baffled, lost, or frustrated? Wouldn’t it be great to be prepared and confident on the first day of class because you had already mastered the mysteries and secrets of the language?

And after doing the Demystifying® preparation work before the course started, what if you actually enjoyed learning a foreign language, and could do it with ease? After all, when you learned your own first language, it wasn't hard at all. It was just a natural process, and by age three or four, you could communicate perfectly with everyone around you.

The idea of Demystifying® a language was created by Arlene M. Jullie, author, teacher, business owner, and polyglot (able to speak more than 5 languages).

After teaching Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese for over 30 years using creative, fun techniques, she realized ONE THING was missing in foreign language classes. Most students didn’t really understand the structure of language, ie grammar, in their own first language, so they were totally mystified when they had to learn about things like verb conjugations and tenses, gender and number, adjectives versus adverbs, prepositions, and object pronouns. These had always been difficult and uncomfortable subjects in school, avoided at all costs. Ms. Jullie then proceeded to write her first “demystifying” book, entitled Quick-Start Spanish®.

Accelerated Class VideoAnd so, the Demystifying® concept was born, and a new company, Demystifying® Inc. was founded, with the commitment to provide courses, workshops, books, CD’s, and educational materials which would help students learn a new language quickly and with greater ease.

Ms. Jullie provides private language immersion classes and workshops in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, as well as group classes for corporations and organizations throughout the United States.